OUR PHILOSOPHY is incorporated to develop wholesome, happy, secure, motivated learners.  Through exposure and developmentally-appropriate activities, our students come to understand how things around them are made, how they grow, how they work, and where they come from!!

Our social environment encourages a sense of community among all of our friends.  We learn respect and acceptance of each other’s diversities.  We believe caring and compassion are the threads that help children learn and acquire these traits.

Social Play is a very valuable part of our learning experience.  Children learn through play: Maria Montessori has described playing as “children’s work”.  We are constantly looking to get the most out of every learning experience!!  Social interactions, imagination and problem solving are all processed through play...  and play is how we start our day!!

Our Learning Session groups are divided and defined as “Color Families”.  Our curriculum is designed to grow with your child, based on the developmental goals found in the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) guidelines.

In the Yellow Family (as the youngest friends in our school), we work on expressing our feelings in a constructive way, responding to praise, controlling our new-found muscles and emotions, learning new words, recognizing animals, and listening quietly during short stories.  We learn about bathroom cleanliness and potty training, and are encouraged to give it a try.  (Each child learns at their own pace - diapers are welcomed!)

As Red Family friends, we expand on our skills by learning how to share our toys and use our manners.  We describe our feelings with words and learn that our friends have feelings too!  We talk when it’s our turn, and are learning to be good listeners.  We know our colors and shapes, play nicely in a small group, and can follow 3-step directions.  We’ve finished our potty training and know to wash our hands to keep germs away!!

The Orange Family is our Pre-K class.  We are excited to be getting ready for reading and math!!  We learn how to be good, caring friends - sharing our toys, always using manners, being articulate and staying on topic in conversation.  We can sort different shapes, colors and sizes, and we follow 4-step directions.  We know our ABC’s and can count up to 20 without missing a beat.

The Blue Family is our Kindergarten class!!  We are being empathetic to others, exercising self-control, taking turns, and working together as a team.  We use our best grammar when we speak and are always looking to expand our vocabulary.  We remember our favorite stories, the directions to games, and are learning how to manage time.  Independence is our new goal as we begin retrieving our own materials, dressing ourselves for outdoor play, and gaining more self-confidence every day.  We are very excited to be learning how to read, how to write words and numbers on our own, and to recognize “what comes next” in a pattern sequence.

Reaching for Our Goals:

6:30am-8:45am - Morning Greetings & Before Care

    Social time, free choices; includes breakfast

8:45am-9:30am - Morning Play

    Small group play, music & movement activities

9:30am-9:45am - Family Reunion

    All friends gather together to sing, share news and prepare for the day

9:45am-11:45am - Color Families

    Our Color Families divide for the morning to engage in Teacher-directed        

    activities and lessons specific to each class’ developmental goals

11:45am-12:50pm - Lunch and Recess

12:50pm-2:15pm - Think, Breathe and Read

    Includes rest time on mats, Teacher-read stories, quiet music

2:15pm-3:00pm - Journal Writing & Enrichment

    Teacher-read story followed by class discussion and response page

3:00pm-3:15pm - Snack

3:15pm-4:30pm - Afternoon Play

    Older friends play outside, or engage in gross-motor activities and games

    Younger friends have singing circle and group choices

4:30pm-6:00pm - Pick-Up & After Care

    Social time, free choices; includes late-afternoon snack

Our Daily Schedule:

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