Download the right form you need when you need it!!

All of these forms are available in hard-copy format at school.  For your convenience, we have made them available here as well!!  Please be sure you download the form for the correct school.  Although these are now available online, we do ask that you submit them the old-fashioned way... in person!!   xoxo

This form is required for each child enrolling in our preschool.  It must be renewed annually.  Please be sure to enter two primary contacts with very clear phone numbers, as well as two alternates in the event you cannot be reached in an emergency.

This form is to be returned along with a $70 registration fee for each child by the third week of June.  Only after this form and fee are submitted will your placement be guaranteed for the upcoming Summer or Fall sessions.  Placements are first-come, first-served.

Calling Card Form

Annual Registration Form

For any of our friends who will regularly be picked up or dropped off by somebody not included on their Emergency Contact list (eg. school bus), we ask that you fill out this form detailing how you child will be transported to our preschool, and any backup plan.

Transportation Agreement

NH State Regulations requires us to have documented up-to-date immunization forms for each child.  Bring this two-page form with you to your child’s annual physical.  Your pediatrician may fill it out this form completely, or submit their own immunization chart.

Health / Physical Form

This form is required for each child enrolling in our preschool.  It must be renewed annually along with one of the Fall Registration Forms below.  Although your information may stay the same year to year, we discard old forms, so please fill it out completely.

Child Care Information Form

Our happiness is year-round at school!!  This form gives you some information about our summer Camp Sunshine theme.  The bottom part is to be returned to school so we can schedule our Team appropriately for the summer months.

Camp Sunshine Form

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