We are very proud to say we believe in our early childhood programs and in the  nurturing environment that each of our centers provide.  In our 20+ years of child care, we have had many, many families express their happiness, too.  Here is what our current parents are saying about us today!!

Updated 2014

Scarlett LOVES going to “cool”!!!  We talk about all of you frequently and she seems to be having a great time and learning A LOT!!  I appreciate all that you have done and are doing for her, and I realize she is feisty at times and can be a challenge, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your patience and love!  You are a blessing to us!  <3

                    ~ Susan M.  (Second year with our schools)

Very positive and uplifting staff!

                    ~ Tia B.  (Third year with our schools)

Our family has had six great years at this school.  It will be hard to leave this summer.  I know that everyone I have referred to this school has been happy as well.  Keep up the great work!

                   ~ Jessica M.  (Sixth year with our schools)

Thank you all for all you do for our children.  They are happy about school and it is exciting how much they are learning.

                    ~ Jamie G.  (Third year with our schools)

Been to two other places prior and we absolutely love this place and the staff!  They are extremely accommodating and never make you feel uncomfortable!  I will soon be having another child and will drive to two different day cares until she is of age to join, instead of changing my son from here!  I can’t wait until I can send her, too!

                    ~ Nikki I.  (1 year with our schools)

The curriculum at the school is wonderful!!  My kids are learning something new daily and they are excited to show and tell us all about it.  Even the little ones do some really great activities for learning and sensory integration.  We truly appreciate all you do to teach and stimulate them daily!

                    ~ parent  (2 years with our schools)

It means a lot to a mom like me who would give anything to be able to stay at home with my child ... our children grow so quickly and it is the people they are around most that shape their lives, and I am glad that “The Perfect Place” is a part of that.

                    ~ Michelle S.  (Second year with our schools)

I love every one of the teachers that I interact with on a daily basis and so does Audrey.  I am very comfortable leaving here there, knowing that each one will care for her when I cannot. ... ’EO’, for me, gives me the sense that Audrey is still with family when we cannot be with her.

                    ~ Christie B.  (3 years with our schools)

The teachers you employ at “Dynamics” are absolutely wonderful.  Shelley, Kati and Jessica have helped tremendously with Michael in the morning.  He feels very comfortable with them when he is sad about me leaving.  It has made this transition much easier than I ever thought it would be. 

Ryan has had a wonderful time here for almost four years and I am very happy I kept him here for the Blue Family [Kindergarten Class].  I will be keeping Kelci here for the Blue Family next year as well.  Jessica has really helped Kelci socially and with all of her learning.

                    ~ Debbie E.  (Fourth year with our schools)

We feel very very fortunate to have found “The Perfect Place”.  Milo loves school and we feel confident we are leaving him in an environment that respects him, yet also gives him structure to learn and play.  We also love that “The Perfect Place” is multi-aged; Milo has both older and younger friends and he is learning how to play with everyone.

                   ~ Sabina C.  (Second year with our schools)

We are happy that school is a little extension of our home.  We always talk about lessons learned at school and she is happy to talk about them.  We always feel our child is well cared for, which is ultimately the most important thing.  Makes long days easier on us, knowing she is happy and learning, and -most importantly- loved!  The fact that she is excited to go to school and talks about her teachers at home speaks volumes.

Having an older sibling that went through “The Perfect Place”, we know that what was learned was a great foundation.  We are happy with the academics/enrichment activities, as well as the non-tangible things that make them well-rounded little people.  All parents should be so lucky o have a place they trust so much to bring their children to.

                    ~ Amy F.  (Third year with our schools)

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